New Leaf with Another Ace

Ace of Pentacles

While Pentacles are associated with money and career, the Ace focuses on the opportunity to start something new…and find success. So, if your inclination is to change jobs or embark on a new business venture, and you draw this card in a spread, then your message is clear: go for it. All the resources you need will become available, and if you work hard, you will find success. But as with all the cards, you cannot sit back and wait for lightning to strike: you must do the work in order to garner the success. Trust your instincts, use your talents, and you can have everything you desire.

Next week, I’ll lay out a Celtic Cross spread and we’ll see what cards turn up!

Art is in the Details


Margaret Bourke-White, one of the most well-known photographers of the 20th century, spent her life documenting not just the construction of America’s most fantastic structures, but also some of the most significant events that occurred during that century. Whether you believe that photography is “art” or not, you have to admire the composition and clarity of her photographs, ranging from destitute farmers during the depression to peasant workers in Russia after World War II. She was there to witness the liberation of the concentration camps in Germany, and her photographs of the survivors are stunning in the humanity they bring to that horror. Her photographs for Life magazine enabled Ms. Bourke-White to travel the globe, with access to places few Americans had gone before. This photo of the Chrysler Building in New York is less well known than the one taken of the photographer herself, perched on the back of an eagle-shaped gargoyle, getting ready to shoot pictures. It’s inspiring, and exciting, and the legacy of a very productive life.

Luxury in the Laundry

Pierre laundry bag closer

I brought home this laundry bag after an unfortunate stay at the Pierre Hotel. Not to say anything bad about the place – it’s a wonderful hotel – but let’s just say the circumstances of my visit were less than ideal. I’m not cut out for hiding from killers or dodging bullets, it’s just not me. Anyway, my boyfriend the cop keeps threatening to haul me in for theft because I took this when I checked out of the hotel. Pardon-e-moi, but I think they want you to take this stuff, to remind you of how wonderful it was to be able to put your dirty stuff in a bag and get it back all clean the next day. Wow! I keep waiting for that to happen here, but no such luck. I’m kidding – there is no way in hell I’d put dirty undies in this bag. I’m currently using it as a pillow case. A little show-offy, but what the heck. I had to shoot someone in that hotel, so I deserve a little something for my trauma. Don’t you agree? So cute, with the little crown on the “P.” Maybe I’ll find a reason to stay there again that doesn’t involve dead people. That would be good. I’ll probably still pilfer the laundry bag, though.