The Big Boy (so to speak)

David by Michelangelo

So I know, we go from the prim and proper Mona Lisa to the naked guy, right? But he’s a classic by Michelangelo, and one of the major dudes in my Art History class, “Boobs and Dicks All Over the Place.” It’s a popular class; even the jocks take it to satisfy their Humanities requirements. I figure, if you can find a way to engage the students, they might end up learning something and there’s actually a slim chance that one or two will be inspired to continue with the study of Art History and maybe more. So why not have fun with it? I know it drives the department heads crazy, but they can’t do much about it because the class is always over-enrolled. My bad!


Wing plaque

These beautiful ceramic plaques are made by Sid Dickens of Vancouver, Canada. I love the wings; they remind me of angels. There are many designs, some with words, letters, other symbols, but this is one of my favorites. Angel wings. Just a reminder that we all have guardian angels around us, spirits who are watching over us and keeping us safe. Honor them, if you choose to believe.