All Tied Up?

8 of Swords

This week’s Tarot card is the Eight of Swords, and I chose it to go along with Frida’s state of bondage. If you observe the woman in this card, she is blindfolded, tied up, and surrounded by swords: a pretty dire situation. But your reader asks you to take a closer look: the woman is not tied to anything, such as a tree or a chair, and with a little wiggle, she can probably get out of those bindings; then, the blindfold can easily come off. And as for the swords, whose are they? By themselves, they can do no harm. So in reality, the woman is guarded by no one, and impeded by her own fear. She can get away, and perhaps even grab a sword for her own protection. Many of us find ourselves in situations from which we feel there is no escape, and yet, with a change in perspective, we may discover that we are not really stuck where we thought we were.

Feeling like you’re at a dead end in your job or relationship? Wiggle around a little, change your stance, and you may find that you are able to release whatever has been holding you back. If you get this card in a reading, know that it’s time to take off the blindfold and look in a new direction. Don’t wait for someone else to “rescue” you…Time to grow up and rescue yourself from whatever mess you have gotten into. Frida was stuck in her body, tormented by physical ailments, and she became a victim of the time in which she lived, unable to change her marriage or Mexican traditions. She poured her anguish into her art, and created works that are unique and expressive. One can only wonder what she would have been able to do as a healthy, free woman.

Believe me when I tell you that the bindings, the blindfold, even the swords are all representations of your own fears. Once you realize that, you can step away from them, and start to really live your life. Go on, take the first step.

Things I Like: Reading & Writing

King Book

This is by far the best book about writing ever written. Even if you are not a fan of Mr. King – I can’t read his stuff, it scares the crap out of me – you will learn so much from reading this book. I’m a big believer in being part of a writing group, sharing work and constructive criticism. Since the leader of my previous group was murdered last year, I’ve been looking for another group, but I’m a little wary of all the drama that comes with it. Sometimes, you can feel like you’re in a group therapy session. Or an AA meeting (not that I’ve ever been to either of those). So I kind of want to ask the members of my next group to fill out a short psychological questionnaire before I commit myself (a little pun there), just to make sure there’re no homicidal killers in the bunch. At the minimum. Is that too much to ask?

Art Stuff: Who Decides?

frida kahlo self-portrait with monkey 1940_0

So, who decides what is “pretty” and if that’s even relevant when looking at art? Most of the time, poor Frida Khalo painted to show her pain, if not through her exposed heart, then like this, with ribbon almost choking her and a literal monkey on her back. But all of her work was filled with lush color and imagery that captured the time and place in which she lived, and there are some who believe her work is “better” than her husband’s, Diego Rivera. Her yes command you: Look at me. Never mind the uni-brow and the mustache, the circles under my eyes. See me, and see my talent. See my gift, how I rise above and paint my life for you. Do you see it?

Aces, Swords, and Honesty

Ace of SwordsGet ready to go into battle for justice! When you draw this card, you will be faced with some hard choices to make, and it’s time to take an honest look at yourself in the mirror. You can face any challenge and enjoy new opportunities – if you are open and honest about your goals and motivations. Letting go of past baggage and enmities is key to making good decisions, and when this card comes up in your spread, you have a great chance to make great leaps forward toward a successful future!


Too Pretty to Use

pumpkin bowlSometimes you buy things that just call out to you from a shelf in the store and you just have to bring them home. So it was with me and this bowl. But once I got it home, every time I took it out to use it, I just couldn’t bring myself to put anything in it. It’s just too pretty. What if something happened to it? Or if the artwork inside the bowl is toxic to humans and I poisoned myself? Knowing my luck, that would happen. So I prop it on a shelf and look at it. It makes me happy. And since it’s not calling out to be used, I think the bowl is satisfied with this arrangement as well.

Ahead of His Time

head_largThis painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat, untitled, was one of many heads that the artist painted during his short life. This one in particular jumped out at me because of the frenetic nature of the lines, the fearful look in the eyes, and the apparent gnashing of the teeth. I believe that’s how many people walk around since 2016, and I’m not sure how much longer we can keep it up. The planet itself seems ready to explode sometimes. Maybe I should stick with paintings of flowers and breakfast in bed from now on.

Today’s Tarot Reading

Queen of Wands

This is a great card for the woman wearing those flowery Fluevog shoes. The Queen of Wands gives a boost to a take-charge, ambitious woman, someone who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. Whether it’s a career, romantic, or even a political goal she has in mind, watch out, world: this woman has the energy, magnetism, and flair to make just about anything happen.

It’s also possible that someone drawing this card in a spread will meet someone who will act as a mentor or even as a new lover. Be ready! Be self-assured, and for heaven’s sake, be conscious of your goals. It’s time to go and get what you’ve been working so hard for. Even the black cat on the card has a little smile on his face… Time to make hay while the sun[flower] shines!

Art as Identity


This is Rene Magritte’s painting, “The Son of Man.” I bet most people don’t know the name of it, they just know the green apple (which is my fave, by the way). Sorry, no provocative genitalia this week, just a poor guy standing next to a body of water with an apple stuck to his face. What does it mean? Okay, here are two things: Magritte often painted apples in his art, which was classified as “surrealist.” Also, this was a self-portrait painted in 1964. If it had been done more recently, I might have thought there could be a commentary about people with their noses stuck in their phones all the time, but that’s rather simplistic and way out of the timeline.

There are other paintings by Magritte in which objects obscure the face of the subject (a bird, some flowers), and if you look closely at this one, the eyes are visible, especially the one on the right. So there’s some commentary about the parts of ourselves that we hide, and what we choose to show to the world. And then there is an entire religious aspect to the painting, which is primarily apparent because of its name, “The Son of Man,” referring to Jesus. Huh? You see how people can spend their careers talking about this stuff, writing dissertations and making more out of a piece of art than perhaps the painter intended. At least that’s what I think. But what do I know?

I just think it’s a cool painting.

Things I like… Who wouldn’t?


Now, who wouldn’t love love LOVE these shoes? They are Fluevogs, and even though they have high heels, which I usually don’t go for, these are truly wearable. The heel is sturdy; it’s not a stupid stiletto, designed to make you mince around like a doll and potentially break your neck if you move too fast. No, these are beautiful and functional, as shoes should be. Genius. Gotta love the colors and flowers, no matter what the season!

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The Art of the Cup

Teacup from Breakfast in Bed by Cassatt

Since we seem to be working on a theme this week, purely by chance, I thought I’d round up the blog with a painting by Mary Cassatt from 1897, entitled Breakfast in Bed. The photo above is the detail of just the cup, which actually looks rather unfinished and rough. But when you see it in the context of the entire painting, it works (see below). Mary Cassatt was not taken seriously by her peers; you know, that “woman thing,” but her paintings are lovely and replete with lush colors and depth. Enjoy this one, and think about indulging yourself in a little reclining repast.

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Breakfast in Bed by Cassatt