Incandescent Anger

flamesI’m not what you would call a political person. I don’t read the newspapers, except for the Arts section, although on Sunday I will read other parts of the paper. I don’t watch the news much and I’m ashamed of my spotty voting record.

All of that changed last week, when I saw the testimony of a spoiled frat boy – someone that anyone who’s ever attended a college with Greek houses could recognize in an instant – exclaiming about how hard he worked in college, and that no one had the right to question what he did when he was there. Especially not some woman, years later. Oh, and, yeah, he went to church a lot.  Had to throw that in to satisfy the Evangelical donors.

David by Michelangelo

Never mind what he wrote in his calendar (and where the hell did THAT come from?), about the “ralphing” and the “brewskis” and the falling down drunkscapades. What college girl hasn’t found herself cornered by one of those slobbering “bros?” Yuck. And yet, and yet, his brothers will rise to his defense because, by God, if someone could come and accuse one of them “after all these years,” then they are all in danger of being exposed. And yes, I mean that literally. (And it won’t be pretty, will it? Can someone find a fig leaf?) Every man in this country is shrinking in his boxers at the prospect of some broad from his past coming to accuse him of assault or worse. I can imagine them all lying in bed, trying to remember…. Sweet!

I don’t understand why anyone would believe someone like Brett. Haven’t we all seen enough of his friend in the White House to know that these guys lie as a matter of course; it’s just what they do, because they are the ones in power, and the people asking the questions have no power to make them stopA thoughtful person could not listen to the testimony of those two people to the Judiciary Committee and come away with anything less than rage. It’s a screaming, impotent rage: that the men in this country don’t get it, and it’s time for women to rise up and stoke the fires of their anger. Keep your goddamn hands off our bodies unless and until you are invited. Or else there will be hell to pay.

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Tarot Reading

Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is a reminder from the inner child in everyone that he or she wants to be heard; the hustle-bustle of “adult life” is a drag and it’s time to stop and smell the flowers. Remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? And not just the profession, necessarily, but the kind of person you were going to be – yes, that kind of adult. The one who would always take time to listen to music, or look at the sunset, or write a poem. The Dad who would never yell at his kids, but always take a few minutes to toss a ball around, or walk the dog. Yes, remember when you swore you’d be that person? It’s not too late. Plant the flowers, watch them grow, and stop to smell them as often as you can.

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Art Stuff

LaLiberte Anniversary

“Anniversary,” by Norman LaLiberte, circa 1998, is a fine example of the colorful style employed by the Franco-American artist. Born in Worcester, Mass., to Canadian parents, LaLiberte has attained notoriety on both sides of the border with his whimsical paintings, banners, and sculptures. The childish delight one can see in his work, along with the mix of Cubism and hints of Chagall’s cut-outs, create challenges for the viewer. LaLiberte’s travels around the world are often reflected in his works as well, with elements of Egyptian and Asian influences appearing, as well as his continued fascination with birds, fruit, and the human form.

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Knight of Cups

knight of cupsThis is an interesting card. [I am assuming that you, dear reader, realize that the interpretation of these individual cards will vary according to the other cards that are laid out in the reading, and where this card falls in the spread. We’ll get to that later, maybe I’ll do a couple of three- and five-card spreads on this blog to demonstrate how they work. But for now, we’re just warming things up. Patience!] So, the Knights are in general the type of guys who go rushing around on their horses, challenging folks to races and duels and such. They’re very energetic and can represent the extremes of emotion, so take them with a grain of salt. The suit of Cups represent feelings of love, sensuality, and fulfillment. So, taking these two bits of knowledge, we can look at the Knight of Cups and see that he is ready to offer something — but the question is, what? Is the offering what you need, or just a fantasy? Have you fallen for the myth of the “knight in shining armor” to replace the boring guy sitting next to you on the couch? Are you spending your life waiting to be rescued, or should you get moving and rescue yourself? Think about what you really want, and how best to go and get it. Your answers may be closer than you think, and what you really want may be very different from the childish dreams you’ve been holding onto far too long. Time for a reality check!

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And Now for the Boobs

Picasso Woman with a Book

So this is Picasso. “Woman with a Book,” although I doubt that is what the old man was really focused on. People spend lots of time analyzing the work of this artist, the sociological context, the historical importance, the groundbreaking originality, etc. This is one of the more straightforward and less obscene pieces…. It’s just Cubism, you know. It was a Big Deal back in the day. And some of Picasso’s works are pretty significant, if you can get past the misogyny.  The Picasso approach: Take an image of a woman, break it down into a pile of body parts, then scramble and reassemble the figure as you like, to become whatever suits your fancy. Call it “Art.”

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Hearts of Stone

Pyrite hearts

I love these pyrite hearts… At the time I bought them, I felt like there were huge empty holes in my heart, places inside me that were broken. I worked hard to heal them, and I’m better now, but maybe there are still some of those little craggy parts left. I grew up believing that you can’t rely on a man to make your life happy; you have to find your happiness in life through fulfilling work and a full life with friends, family, and connections to a spiritual world. But I’ve reconsidered those rules, and added this thought: it’s great to be in love, to have a relationship with a wonderful man, and to walk around with a smile on your face all day because of him. Now I think of the craggy parts of my heart as if they are bursting with diamonds. Yes, my stone cold heart is busting open with shiny, priceless gems. What a world.

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The Devil

devil card

I was reading the cards the other day and the Devil Card, which is No. 15 in the Major Arcana, came up as the “Outcome” in the Celtic Cross spread. Now someone getting that card in any location in a reading might get nervous, but particularly in the outcome position, but in reality it’s a pretty benign card. The “Devil” is really all those constraints that society places on the individual – all the “shoulds” that constrain us from fully living our lives and becoming our true selves. So, men should be husbands and fathers and breadwinners; and their partners should be whatever the latest version of superwoman is this year (career-woman, mother, wife, nurturer). The outcome, in this reading, was encouragement to cast off the shackles of societal expectation and be true to the self rather than social expectations in making choices for the future. How many of us want to see that card pop up, and give us permission to cast aside all the responsibilities that weigh down our days? The devil says, “Go for it, before it’s too late!” Just make sure you’re really following your own values and not just running away from bad life choices, because then you’ll end up being the devil in the picture.


The Big Boy (so to speak)

David by Michelangelo

So I know, we go from the prim and proper Mona Lisa to the naked guy, right? But he’s a classic by Michelangelo, and one of the major dudes in my Art History class, “Boobs and Dicks All Over the Place.” It’s a popular class; even the jocks take it to satisfy their Humanities requirements. I figure, if you can find a way to engage the students, they might end up learning something and there’s actually a slim chance that one or two will be inspired to continue with the study of Art History and maybe more. So why not have fun with it? I know it drives the department heads crazy, but they can’t do much about it because the class is always over-enrolled. My bad!


Wing plaque

These beautiful ceramic plaques are made by Sid Dickens of Vancouver, Canada. I love the wings; they remind me of angels. There are many designs, some with words, letters, other symbols, but this is one of my favorites. Angel wings. Just a reminder that we all have guardian angels around us, spirits who are watching over us and keeping us safe. Honor them, if you choose to believe.