Incandescent Anger

flamesI’m not what you would call a political person. I don’t read the newspapers, except for the Arts section, although on Sunday I will read other parts of the paper. I don’t watch the news much and I’m ashamed of my spotty voting record.

All of that changed last week, when I saw the testimony of a spoiled frat boy – someone that anyone who’s ever attended a college with Greek houses could recognize in an instant – exclaiming about how hard he worked in college, and that no one had the right to question what he did when he was there. Especially not some woman, years later. Oh, and, yeah, he went to church a lot.  Had to throw that in to satisfy the Evangelical donors.

David by Michelangelo

Never mind what he wrote in his calendar (and where the hell did THAT come from?), about the “ralphing” and the “brewskis” and the falling down drunkscapades. What college girl hasn’t found herself cornered by one of those slobbering “bros?” Yuck. And yet, and yet, his brothers will rise to his defense because, by God, if someone could come and accuse one of them “after all these years,” then they are all in danger of being exposed. And yes, I mean that literally. (And it won’t be pretty, will it? Can someone find a fig leaf?) Every man in this country is shrinking in his boxers at the prospect of some broad from his past coming to accuse him of assault or worse. I can imagine them all lying in bed, trying to remember…. Sweet!

I don’t understand why anyone would believe someone like Brett. Haven’t we all seen enough of his friend in the White House to know that these guys lie as a matter of course; it’s just what they do, because they are the ones in power, and the people asking the questions have no power to make them stopA thoughtful person could not listen to the testimony of those two people to the Judiciary Committee and come away with anything less than rage. It’s a screaming, impotent rage: that the men in this country don’t get it, and it’s time for women to rise up and stoke the fires of their anger. Keep your goddamn hands off our bodies unless and until you are invited. Or else there will be hell to pay.

#cassietellsthetruth #womensangerandmensdenials #standandbecounted


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