Hearts of Stone

Pyrite hearts

I love these pyrite hearts… At the time I bought them, I felt like there were huge empty holes in my heart, places inside me that were broken. I worked hard to heal them, and I’m better now, but maybe there are still some of those little craggy parts left. I grew up believing that you can’t rely on a man to make your life happy; you have to find your happiness in life through fulfilling work and a full life with friends, family, and connections to a spiritual world. But I’ve reconsidered those rules, and added this thought: it’s great to be in love, to have a relationship with a wonderful man, and to walk around with a smile on your face all day because of him. Now I think of the craggy parts of my heart as if they are bursting with diamonds. Yes, my stone cold heart is busting open with shiny, priceless gems. What a world.

#happyhearts; #pyritehearts; #thoughtsaboutlove

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