The Devil

devil card

I was reading the cards the other day and the Devil Card, which is No. 15 in the Major Arcana, came up as the “Outcome” in the Celtic Cross spread. Now someone getting that card in any location in a reading might get nervous, but particularly in the outcome position, but in reality it’s a pretty benign card. The “Devil” is really all those constraints that society places on the individual – all the “shoulds” that constrain us from fully living our lives and becoming our true selves. So, men should be husbands and fathers and breadwinners; and their partners should be whatever the latest version of superwoman is this year (career-woman, mother, wife, nurturer). The outcome, in this reading, was encouragement to cast off the shackles of societal expectation and be true to the self rather than social expectations in making choices for the future. How many of us want to see that card pop up, and give us permission to cast aside all the responsibilities that weigh down our days? The devil says, “Go for it, before it’s too late!” Just make sure you’re really following your own values and not just running away from bad life choices, because then you’ll end up being the devil in the picture.


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