Knight of Cups

knight of cupsThis is an interesting card. [I am assuming that you, dear reader, realize that the interpretation of these individual cards will vary according to the other cards that are laid out in the reading, and where this card falls in the spread. We’ll get to that later, maybe I’ll do a couple of three- and five-card spreads on this blog to demonstrate how they work. But for now, we’re just warming things up. Patience!] So, the Knights are in general the type of guys who go rushing around on their horses, challenging folks to races and duels and such. They’re very energetic and can represent the extremes of emotion, so take them with a grain of salt. The suit of Cups represent feelings of love, sensuality, and fulfillment. So, taking these two bits of knowledge, we can look at the Knight of Cups and see that he is ready to offer something — but the question is, what? Is the offering what you need, or just a fantasy? Have you fallen for the myth of the “knight in shining armor” to replace the boring guy sitting next to you on the couch? Are you spending your life waiting to be rescued, or should you get moving and rescue yourself? Think about what you really want, and how best to go and get it. Your answers may be closer than you think, and what you really want may be very different from the childish dreams you’ve been holding onto far too long. Time for a reality check!

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