Moving Along


So I’m loving these Citibikes. I still fear for my life when I’m on the road and there are cars and buses around me, and pedestrians trying to cross the street and all, but the concept is great. Now if we could do something to get all the darn vehicles out of the way! Especially on a nice crisp fall day, it’s great to ride around Manhattan. Probably safer to be on the outskirts that maneuvering the city streets, but it’s a nice flat city, more or less, and would be a good place to zip around. So how about it? I’m willing to give up my car. It’s been garaged for months now, and I will sell it. I only use it to escape the island once in a while, and it’s a pretty expensive thing to keep locked up for nothing. Of course in the winter, forget it. I’m heading underground. With thick boots that the rats can’t bite through. #Citibikes #watchoutforbikes #sharetheroad #cassietakestothebikelane #cassiebikesforreal