How Cute Is This?


You have to love this cute mug, even if you don’t know Louie, my cat. If you did know him, you’d be as nuts about him (and this mug) as I am…But wait, it gets cuter! When it’s full of a hot beverage, the black cat disappears. And as you drink it, or it cools off, he reappears. Like magic!! Too bad my birthday and Christmas are so far away! I think someone should get this for me right now, don’t you?


Tarot Card Reading


The Ace of Cups is a great card to get in a reading. First of all, the suit of Cups represents the sensual, emotional world of feelings and the power of human love. Cups are a water sign, and they remind us of the importance of the human connection in our lives. Drawing the Ace indicates something new or changing in the status of your love life, so take a pulse; pay attention to what’s happening around you, and be open to the outpouring of feelings that is indicated when the Ace of Cups is drawn in your life.


Lovely fish dinner at Seamores on 18th St. at 8th Ave. in Chelsea last night…The restaurant started with the intention of getting people to eat different kinds of fish, to halt the overfishing of “popular” types and expand our palates. Even better than the super fresh seafood menu is the great cocktail list! Hook, line, and sinker, anyone? I’m hooked!! Check them out-it’s a happening spot!

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Page of Wands

The Page of Wands is a delightful chap, always ready for an adventure. He’s an optimist, ready to try any new thing, and this card comes up in a reading to remind us that opportunities are all around, if only we are open to them.

Page of WandsNow, as a person who relocated her life to an entirely new city and did the whole “starting over” thing, I can attest that it is somewhat more challenging than simply putting a feather in your cap and saying “Hello, world, I’ve arrived.” But, like The Fool who took my hand and convinced me that starting over was better than being stagnant, I embraced the challenges of adventure and new horizons.* Meeting new people, and trying to be one yourself can be scary – and wonderful at the same time. Cast off your old, bad habits and really start a fresh new life – that’s a forecast for change in every possible way. Think about making a change of environment, outlook, goals, employment, or temperament. Maybe a change in your love life? Who knows? Tidy up your house, boys and girls, because when this card appears, change is coming your way!

*You can read about my “new life” experiences in Embracing the Fool (click here for more information).

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Moving Along


So I’m loving these Citibikes. I still fear for my life when I’m on the road and there are cars and buses around me, and pedestrians trying to cross the street and all, but the concept is great. Now if we could do something to get all the darn vehicles out of the way! Especially on a nice crisp fall day, it’s great to ride around Manhattan. Probably safer to be on the outskirts that maneuvering the city streets, but it’s a nice flat city, more or less, and would be a good place to zip around. So how about it? I’m willing to give up my car. It’s been garaged for months now, and I will sell it. I only use it to escape the island once in a while, and it’s a pretty expensive thing to keep locked up for nothing. Of course in the winter, forget it. I’m heading underground. With thick boots that the rats can’t bite through. #Citibikes #watchoutforbikes #sharetheroad #cassietakestothebikelane #cassiebikesforreal

Glorious Reds


Probably one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s most famous images, this glorious red poppy is a real surprise when you see the actual painting hanging in a museum. It’s not really much bigger in the flesh. Really. With such a bold image and color, I was expecting to be blown away by this one, but there it was on the wall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: a little painting, in a big gold frame. It still drew me in, mesmerizing with its color and beauty. But delicate and small, at the same time that it was lush and bold. I was a kid then, on a trip to the “big city,” but the sight of this flower has never left me. That’s art. Burned onto the inside of your eyeballs, keeping you coming back for more.

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