Page of Wands

The Page of Wands is a delightful chap, always ready for an adventure. He’s an optimist, ready to try any new thing, and this card comes up in a reading to remind us that opportunities are all around, if only we are open to them.

Page of WandsNow, as a person who relocated her life to an entirely new city and did the whole “starting over” thing, I can attest that it is somewhat more challenging than simply putting a feather in your cap and saying “Hello, world, I’ve arrived.” But, like The Fool who took my hand and convinced me that starting over was better than being stagnant, I embraced the challenges of adventure and new horizons.* Meeting new people, and trying to be one yourself can be scary – and wonderful at the same time. Cast off your old, bad habits and really start a fresh new life – that’s a forecast for change in every possible way. Think about making a change of environment, outlook, goals, employment, or temperament. Maybe a change in your love life? Who knows? Tidy up your house, boys and girls, because when this card appears, change is coming your way!

*You can read about my “new life” experiences in Embracing the Fool (click here for more information).

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