The King of Cups

King of Cups

This week’s Tarot Card is the King of Cups. This is a wise and generous man,  well-balanced and calm – especially in a crisis. So, while as always the meaning of a specific card changes depending upon where it appears in a spread, this King is usually indicative of a person (yourself or another) who is going to provide stability and leadership, either in a relationship, a work or vocational environment, or just to life in general as a mentor or guide. It may be a person who comes in and out of your life for a short period, just to influence that particular time or decision-making episode; or he may be a member of your family (extended or ‘just like a family’ friend).

When you have your Tarot card reading, it can be helpful to have a particular question in mind that you share with the reader. A general card reading can be insightful as well, illuminating things about your past and future and about the intentions of the people who surround you. Just remember that the cards change along with you, so every reading can be different – or the same cards may keep reappearing until a problem gets resolved and you move on to another phase in your life.

Try having your cards read. You may enjoy it!

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