Following the Turkey Tracks

So sorry for my unexcused absence last week…The holiday was a teensy bit more stressful than usual, what with this new boyfriend thing. Hard to navigate, you know? It was much easier when it was just Dad and I – we’d get a large pizza and a bunch of movies and lounge around the house stuffing ourselves all afternoon. Without the football or tryptophan nonsense. I’d head out with my friends after everyone surfaced and we’d go to someone’s house to dance and drink beer. Those were the days. Now, Ty and I had a giant fight about whether it was appropriate for me to meet his parents for the first time on a holiday. Apparently, not. So generations of college kids who arrived home with boy- or girlfriend in tow were breaking some kind of Emily Post rule. Either that, or Det. Friday is hiding something from me. And, since I am becoming such an excellent sleuth, I believe that is the real story here.

So, I hope your turkey was great, your football was fun, and your family did not fight. Let’s see what the next holiday has to bring us!

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