Showing the Cat’s Claws

Cats claw

This is an easy and quick reading that I usually do if I want the answer to a specific question. So, today I thought, what’s going to happen with my job? I know I’ve been taking a lot of time off, but I also know that my students really enjoy my classes and I will be very productive once my life settles down a little (famous last words, eh?).

1. “What am I holding onto?” The first card is The Star, which is a really excellent card no matter where it appears in a spread. Because of all the stars in the sky, the card is considered a celestial or navigation card. It’s not going to give direction, merely point out that I already know what I want and how to get it…so follow the stars! It’s possible that this card is telling me that I have too many stars in my eyes and I need to come down to earth a little, but let’s see what the other cards have to say.

2. The next card, the Queen of Wands, is here to answer “What can I do to let it go?” The Queen of Wands is a very confident woman, sure of her powers and attractiveness, and confident about all aspects of her life. There may be someone who is trying to stop me from using my powers, and that individual is the one I must let go – or else she will hold me back for the rest of my life. Boy, do I know who that is…my so-called mother-in-law (you can learn scads of stuff about her in “Freeing the Magician”).

3. So obviously, the next question asks, “How can I take control again?” Who wouldn’t want to get back on track after messages that are tantalizingly good, except for one teensy-weensy thing. The 8 of Pentacles shows a hard working man finishing up a job. The message is straightforward: work hard, be your best self, and everything will be alright.

4. “What do I Need to Do to Move Forward?” The 9 of Pentacles is a wonderful card, and the woman in the card is advising me to take care and enjoy life, now that my work is done. Completing a job, doing it well, is the best way to gain satisfaction and stability. Or at least I hope so.

5. The final card: “How can I use this to help me?” It’s interesting to have three cards of the same suit in a five card reading; it’s also significant that they are Pentacles, which represent money and material success. So the focus on work is appropriate, and the message I’m getting is pretty simple, too. Just work hard, don’t do anything fancy, and maybe I’ll be able to keep my job. The 3 demonstrates that teamwork can be a helpful way to add more accomplishments, and I have to admit that’s something I have not done. (I’m not good at teams, don’t tell anyone.)

So, there you have it. Short (kinda) and sweet. We’ll do a longer one soon, I promise.

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